Let’s Treat Road Accident With All Urgency –Director For NRSA

The director of planning and programs at the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), Ing. David Osafo Adonteng has described road crashes as pandemic and has called on all to treat with all urgency. Looking at the number of people who died as a result of the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, Mr Osafo Adonteng said the number of deaths recorded annually as a result of crashes are more than the people who die from covid19.
He mentioned that, some of the factors that contribute to road crashes is a result of poor maintenance of vehicles, indiscipline amongst drivers despite the arrive alive campaign established by the NRSA. He said the NRSA will work hand in hand with the police to ensure that discipline is maintained amongst drivers and pedestrians who are found flouting the laws of the country.

Speaking with Kessben news reporter Eunice Afoley, he said that records taking on road crashes indicates that, student’s loss their lives as a result of road accident and to curb this, they will be inspecting the vehicles that are been used to transport students from one place to other to make sure that, these vehicles are road worthy. According to him, they have given a deadline date of 28th February 2022 to schools for inspection of their ‘’school buses’’ before they are seen on our roads.
As at March 12,2020, government of Ghana’s parliament approved a bill of banning imported vehicles older than 10years which will help in promoting automobile manufacturing and also to help reduce road accident in the country since it is a factor. Meanwhile, there are some rickety vehicles and vehicles that have exceeded their longevity are seen moving on our roads, responding to this, Ing. David Adonteng said it is sorely the duty of the DVLA to ensure that the vehicles that are seen on our roads have passed all the necessary procedures, so with NRSA, any vehicles seen on our roads indicates that they (vehicles) fall within the laws of DVLA.

To help minimize the rate of road accidents in the country, Ing. Adonteng he said that, poor road networks are a major factor that causes road accidents, so NRSA has pleaded with the Minister for road and high ways Hon. Kwasi Amoako-Atta to dualize roads and fix the poor road networks. He also mentioned that, there will be re-introduction of ‘’lollipop stands’’ that will enable pedestrians to cross the walk on the walk way.

He also mentioned that, a discussion has been made with the ministry of education to introduce road safety as a subject taught in schools.” I am certain the education ministry of implement this very soon.

Ing. David Osafo Adonteng also mentioned that, NRSA are working hand in hand with Telco’s to work on a call code that will enable Ghanaians to report on the negligence of drivers, commuters and pedestrians on roads which will be fully active by the end of the month. He has therefore called on all to help promote the arrive alive in order to reduce the rate of accident in the country.

Source: Eunice Afoley/

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