Cassava thief asked to peel over 500 cassavas as punishment (Video)

Away from the usual, this Cassava and Chicken thief was not handed to the police but was told to peel off over 500 cassavas to make gari.

Gari seller, Abena Agyeiwaa had complained about her cassavas getting missing at Asante Juaben in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

The thief who had been stealing from Abena Agyeiwaa was eventually caught on Thursday midnight.

According to our reporter, Malam Yaya, the thief who has been identified as Yaw Boakye, a known person in the community who didn’t only come for the cassavas that night also made away with a chicken.

“After stealing some of the cassavas, he went straight to the chicken cage and took some of the chicken as well.

All this while a man who lived in the same house with Abena Agyeiwaa had woken up and saw Yaw Boakye stealing the cassava.

After he had finished, the man emerged with a machete in his hands. Yaw Boakye began to plead for forgiveness. People then came out and saw it was Yaw Boakye who has been stealing the cassavas.

A woman came and pleaded with Abena Agyeiwaa not to send Yaw Boakye to the police because he’s her husband’s brother.

He was not taken to the police station but was asked to peel over 500 cassavas which were going to be used to make gari” Our reporter said on Breaking News.

Yaw Boakye had to peel the cassavas throughout the night. He finished with his punishment the following day.


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