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We Want To Save Lives and Give Back To Society— US Based Atta Brothers

USA based Two twin brothers  who have thought about their country have decided to put up an ultra mordern hospital at Community 18 near Baatsona Tema to offer first class medical services to alleviate the suffering of the community as their quota to to mankind.

The hospital which has a 70 bed capacity with almost all facilities is the biggest private mordern hospital in Tema. It’s about 95 % complete and it’s billed to be commissioned somewhere December 2021 ,God willing.

Speaking to this reporter one of the twins, Ebenezer Banahene who has flown down to put finishing touches to the hospital indicated that their prime objective is to is to save lives and give back to to society. We have gone through life the hard way and we think we have to help our unfortunate ones as God requires us to do to mankind. From our I fancy life had been tough but by the grace of God we have moved up and we are so grateful to God and our mother who saw us through life.

“Ebenezer took this reporter through his tough times in schools at Opoku Ware where as a result of financial challenges they had to leave to Asankragua to finish their form five and later ended up at Boamponsem Secondary for their sixth form education. My mother had to sell her clothes and jewels and do buying and selling as a single parent to see us through because as she said because she  didn’t go to school, she made sure her children go to school. So infact it was very tough and incidentally we are the last borns of our mother so naturally she liked us.

The narrator went on to say that when they even qualified to Legon, he had to drop to allow his twin brother Emmanuel Banahene to proceed while he found a job to support him but when he travelled to the US in 1994 , he furthered his education there. “Right now we have a hotel in Tema and at the same time doing other businesses and the hospital is one of our businesses and we are going to make sure we equip it to meet the standards.

We are going to employ the best of personnel to man the hospital. We are not coming down to manage it ourselves but employ competent workers to manage the hospital for us.  Mr Ebenezer Banahene who looked so fulfilled and grateful to God took this reporter to all the department  of the hospital showed him the equipment being fixed and installed for commencement of business anytime soon.

The hospital contains ; OPD department, X-ray department,  wards, dispensary, dressing rooms, washrooms, offices, and infact all what a mordern hospital requires. It has a big car park and sitting  on one and a half acre land with a spacious layout that offers an easy access .

Mr Ebenezer Banahene hinted that anyone who wants to partner  to enhance and further expand the facility, they are ready provided the partner is of good standing and and has the required resources and acumen. He recounted the drudgery they had gone through in acquiring their documents from the authorities before getting this stage and still fighting to normalize certain processes but they thank God for bringing them this far.

He therefore called on residents to patronise the edifice since they are not going to charge any abnormal fees. We want to charge as everyone else is doing but certainly we can’t go below as that might suggest inferior service in the eyes of our clients. We want to be in competitive market because we have other hospitals around but l can assure you that our services are going to be the best among the others”.

Source: Nana Poku/

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