I’m Not A Celebrity, I’m A Star – KK Fosu Clarifies

Ace Highlife musician, Kaakyire Kwame Fosu, popularly known as KK Fosu, has emphatically stated his displeasure in being addressed as a celebrity.

The musician, while addressing the lifestyle of some entertainers, made it clear he does not subscribe to the celebrity phenomenon, rather he should be identified as a star.

Explaining his decision to Adom TV’s Sandra Akakpo, KK Fosu educated that society has the wrong interpretation of celebrity; they confuse fame with prominence.

To him, people describe the identities of celebrities after some few seconds of fame, rather than the influence they have made.

KK Fosu added that being a true celebrity comes with some restrictions, since one is self-conscious, especially as people look up to them, but currently, he does not see such traits in his colleagues.

“Someone can steal a goat and become famous and be tagged as a celebrity. I am not a celebrity, I am a star. Being a star, people look up to you but the celebrities we see today are on social media saying rubbish and stuff, using filthy words,” he explained.   

Aside the rebuttal on social media, KK Fosu expressed his disgust in the latest nudity trend the celebrities have adopted.

Due to the aforementioned, the Anadow Ye De hitmaker reiterated he fits in the category of a star, rather than a celebrity

SOURCE: adomonline

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