I Will Support My Daughter To Be A ‘Proper’ Prostitute – Bullgod Reveals

According to Bulldog, he supports whatever career path his children decide to follow. He said that if his daughter wants to be a prostitute or his son wants to be a thief, he would make sure there are the best at the game.

Speaking on the Delay Show, Bullgod of BullHaus disclosed that he has no qualms with whatever profession his children choose, including prostitution and thievery. He said, “That’s her choice. I am going to support her 300 %. And guide her through it. I will give them the best of ideas.”

In his defence, Nana Asiamah, aka Bullgod, said that many people steal and engage in all sorts of vices, including our revered politicians.

“Listen, these are politicians up there, aren’t they thieves? Most of them are thieves. Yes, if that’s what he wants to be. That is their choice. But I am not going to call my son and say, look, be a thief.”

SOURCE: 3news

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