Bride Cancels Wedding As Groom Fails To Recite 2 Times Table

In an unprecedented turn of events, a young man in India had his education background challenged by his fiancée with a simple test: Read the multiplication table by 2.

Sadly, the groom failed woefully and as a consequence, the wedding, which was about to take place, was canceled.

Both families were shocked when the bride announced that her arraigned marriage with the groom could not hold as she, as educated as she is, would not settle for a person of low status.

The bride’s cousin said they were shocked to find out that the groom had no education. “The groom’s family has been hiding from us about his education.

“He may not even have attended school. The groom’s family lied to everyone. But my brave sister was bold enough to leave aside the fear of the taboos.”

The police did not intervene in the case because the two families reached an agreement after this incident. Accordingly, the bride’s and groom’s families will return each other’s gifts before canceling the marriage.

As soon as the story went viral on the internet, many netizens showed support to the bride’s decision. They agree that if the bride is an educated one, she has the right to expect her husband to be the same. She was also praised for her braveness of canceling the wedding despite the norm.

Some people also added that an arranged wedding can never be the answer to true happiness.

SOURCE: adomonline

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