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Video: Husband narrates how Pregnant wife died at Aburaso Methodist Hospital due to medical negligence

A man has shared a bitter experience he went through after taking his seven months old pregnant wife to the health center for medical assistance.

A place where assistance is sought for the sick turned out to be a place of a nightmare for him as he had to endure the pains of watching his wife passed away.

According to the man who is believed to be in his forties, he took his pregnant wife to the Aburaso methodist hospital in the evening hours of last Friday after he realized the state of his wife wasn’t good.

The wife could not be attended to throughout the night only to be attended to around 10:00 AM on the following day.

Speaking on Kessben FM’s Breaking News, the man divulged that at the time he sent his wife to the hospital, her pressure level was 190mmHg but at the time where they ( the hospital ) started treatment, her pressure level rose above 200mmHg.

The sad man bemoaned that he had to wait for hours before health officials at the hospital got oxygen to support the breathing of her late wife before she eventually passed away.

“I brought her to the hospital on Friday evening. She was not attended to until around 10:00 AM the following day. When I brought her to the hospital, her pressure was 190mmHg but when they began to treat her, her pressure was beyond 200mmHg. I brought her to the hospital because I know the hospital could save her but if I knew these were what they were going to do, I would have let her stayed home and used some herbal medicine for her.” He painfully stated.


Source: Nazir Hmazar

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