A promiscuous woman cannot be changed – Funny Face

Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face has counselled Ghanaian men on selecting a wife in modern Ghana.

He argues that no man should think of being able to change a woman to suit their needs and demands.

To Funny Face, a harlot will remain a harlot no matter what you choose to do for her.

He believes that every man will find love if they keep their head up.

“!! In dis Mordern day Ghana .. ASHAW** will always be ASHAW** .. YOU CAN NEVER TURN A HOE INTO A WIFE !!! Know dis and know peace ! Keep ur head up .. one day you will find true love .. I love you  NANA YAA BOATEMAA BOATENG  may GOD bless our unborn SON !!! ”

Funny Face seem to have found love in one NANA YAA BOATEMAA BOATENG who he has assured of getting married to soon indicating that they are expecting a son together.

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