LMVC petitions UN over Police ‘brutalities’

The Let My Vote Count Alliance has petitioned the United Nations (UN) over brutalities suffered by some members of the group by the Police. Members of the pro-opposition group, Let My Vote Count in September took to streets of Accra to put pressure on the Electoral Commission to compile a new voter’s register for the nation before the 2016 general election. They claim that the current one is bloated with names of minors and foreigners.
However, their protest was truncated when they clashed with the Police over attempts by some of the demonstrators to go to the Electoral Commission premises. Meanwhile, the protesters claim that the conduct of the Police contravenes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Chapter seven of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution hence the UN must intervene. “The Ghanaian Government has acted with total and reckless disregard for human rights by unilaterally ordering and directing a ‘preemptive strike’ and a show of aggression against Ghanaians — actions that will cause irreparable harm and destabilize our peaceful country. This is in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognizes that disregard and contempt for human rights result in barbarous acts which outrage the conscience of mankind.”
“The Mahama led NDC government have deliberately used their control of state institutions to turn the country into a Police totalitarian state. The Ghanaian Police under the control of the President John Mahama Administration has demonstrated total disregard for the Public Order Act, 1994” the petition added. They further charged the UN to address their grievances with haste.
Source – Citifm

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