RTP Awards set to roll

The 2015 edition of the annual Radio and Television Personality (RTP) Awards comes off this Saturday, October 10, at the Accra International Conference Centre and nominated radio and TV presenters as well as the various media houses are on a full swing campaign.
The ‘call for votes’ jingle, since its release to the various radio and television outfits, has been playing feverishly, generating an intense clamour for public votes.
The radio and TV stations which have supported the scheme since its inception are also playing the jingle on a daily basis to ensure that their on-air presenters and the stations pick up awards. Fans of many nominated personalities have also gone the extra mile to produce posters and radio adverts for their favourite media personalities.
The RTP Awards ‘fever’, according to sources, is being heavily felt in the other regions as well. Jingles are playing incessantly in all the regions and nominated personalities are all geared up promoting themselves and hoping to pick awards at the main event.
The immense support and enthusiasm being attached to this year’s edition of the awards confirm the level of support the media accords the RTP organisation, even though many personalities and some media houses frowned on the awards in the past.
It is highly anticipated that the main event on 10th October at the Accra International Conference Centre will live up to expectations and will be devoid of technical-related blunders.
Credit: Graphic Online

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