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I suspect mischief in attempts to stop screening of video – Anas’ lawyer

Claims that journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas is running away from being served with a writ have been debunked by his lawyer as “mischievous”.
Lawyer Kissi Adjabeng said lawyers of the embattled judges have not served Anas any processes even though the journalist personally called them when he read about the matter in court.
Some judges exposed in a video allegedly taking bribes have gone to court to seek an injunction to stop broadcasting of the video.
Lawyer for one of the judges, Paul Dery, told the media the uncover journalist has been playing hard to get with court bailiffs. The bailiffs say they have not been able to serve Anas and his company, Tiger Eye PI with writ of summons contesting the content of the video, plans to air it, the immunity granted Anas from prosecution and an application seeking his incarceration.
But Kissi Adjabeng told Joy News’ Francis Abban on Tuesday that when Anas heard about the court case, he contacted those in court but for “more than a week, nobody has bothered to show up to serve him”.
It is therefore unfortunate, he suggested, for the plaintiffs to peddle falsehood that Anas is being evasive.
The conclusion Anas is evading service “smacks of mischief,” he stressed.
He insisted that the premiering, which the judges are plotting to stop will “go ahead as scheduled”.

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