I once said I’ll never get married – 2Face Idibia

In 2013, Innocent ‘2face’ Idibia got married to his boo of many years, Annie Macaulay.
Prior to this, he’s had a couple of kids from different women out of wedlock and for that reason; he had concluded in his mind that he’ll never get married.
Speaking to NET on why he finally got married to Annie, he said,
“I’m not surprised. Honestly, I mean back in the day it had come across my mind one or two times to propose to her but somehow it got to this point where I was like I’m not going to get married.”
He added that, “Even before I started having kids I had already said I’m not going to get married. ‘Before then there’s been one or two times where I almost proposed to Annie. But I just said no no no because I just thought I wasn’t going to be faithful, I wasn’t going to be good enough.”
“I had always thought I wasn’t going to be the best man for any woman so because of that, I just thought I’m not going to get married; I’m just going to live my life,” the music star added.
Source: thenet.ng

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