Govt to spend $1.5bn on key infrastructure projects

Government is hoping to spend US $1.5 billion every year over the next 10 years by partnering private entities to undertake key infrastructure projects.
Deputy Finance Minister Mona Quartey said government is developing a bill to facilitate the implementation of more Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the country.
PPPs have been identified as an important means of ensuring the efficient delivery of public infrastructure.
Deputy Finance Minister Mona Quartey says all is set for the passage of the law to make this a reality.
Ms Quartey was speaking to Joy Business at a forum on Public Private Partnerships for the Ghana Civil Service, which formed part of activities to mark Civil Service Day.
“The bill will be out anytime from now. It’s going to Parliament for Parliament to review it. $1.5 billion a year that would be required over the next ten years to take us to the level that we should be as a lower middle income country in terms of infrastructure projects that should be in place.”
“As you are all aware, we still need better roads, we still need bridges. We need a more efficient and bigger port; we only have two or three terminals …we need more – more suitable markets; we need more parts of the health facilities for example Korle Bu, we are looking to add some more departments to it.
“So there’s still a lot that as a developing nation that we need. However, how do we get that with the finite resources that we have? It is to use the PPP concept to try to do some of these”.
Source: Myjoyonline

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