How to easily spot a fake Android phone

So many times, people walk into mobile phone retail shops to grab a new Android phone.
But unlike iPhones that run on Apple’s proprietary iOS software, Android phones run on Google’s open Android operating system, making it easier and cheaper for cloning manufacturers to produce fakes.
It also makes it harder for consumers to distinguish between a genuine model and a fake one, thereby making many people end up buying the cloned ones. It is just a waste of the money – not only does the phone not last long but fakes are also very poor in:
* camera quality
* speed
* battery life
* storage (very low in storage but displays a very high value when checked on the phone)Fake phone
The Galaxy range of phones are the most common, hence are the ones with the highest number of clones in
the market.
Manufacturers of such fake products take extra caution so as to make the phone resemble the the original as much as possible.

There are numerous ways to check if the Galaxy phone is fake.
The use of Samsung’s internally embedded codes. Just enter the phone’s dialer and dial any of the codes
*#06# [Displays device IMEI number] *#1234# [Displays device current firmware] *#*#1472365#*#* [GPS test settings] *#*#197328640#*#* [Service mode main menu] *#*#4636#*#* [Diagnostic and general settings mode] *#0*# [General Test Mode]
When these codes don’t work for you, then the phone is fake.

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