African artistes urged to make internationally appealing music

Director of Programming and Production at BET International, Lilian Blankson, has condemned African artistes for tweeting lies and mistruths about the organisers of the BET Awards.
Afrobeatz change maker, Fuse ODG, Nigeria’s Yemi Alade and Wizkid have all been hitting hard at BET for “disregarding” African artistes for what they are worth.
But in a series of tweets, Blankson shared her thoughts on the backlash from the international acts nominees saying the artistes should “tell the truth”.
She also challenged them to channel their efforts into building an “internationally appealing” brand for themselves in order to get the attention they desire.
Blankson who has been with the BET Awards production team since its inception 15 years ago, said in a series of tweets that it is unfair for African artistes to make irrelevant the hard work they put in planning and executing the annual event.
Read her tweets below:
“BET will always signify Black Star Power, Africa, if we want to be featured prominently, we need to know the facts and be very practical”
“First of all, tell the truth and stop tweeting lies and mistruths. There has never been a backstage presentation of any award.
“We need to work hard and get our music on the radio here in the US. How do people respect your brand when you are not on the radio?”
“Make your music more internationally appealing… Think of ways to get all audiences invested. Oliver Twist is a great example. Universal story.”
“Folks worked so hard to provide a platform for Africa on the network. We won’t get there overnight. And misinformation won’t help.”
“BET domestic does not and has never aired African music so to have a category is a major deal. Let’s prove and show them our worth not anger”
“The artistes who have been honoured why haven’t you cleared the air and told the truth about what happened! Why the silence?”
“Out of 19 categories, only 4 or 5 make air. This is standard in award shows. If the US artists are not outraged and complaining, why are we?”
“Performances sell awards shows and make ratings, not the categories. Let’s step up our game & get our music so big they can no longer ignore it”
“If you choose to fly down and watch the show and not do press who exactly do you think is affected or missing out? Think about it.”
“Let’s try and keep our category and know the facts. It does nothing to the network to tale it away, but it sends us back several steps.”
“Finally, let’s be a little humble. No one owes us anything. Like everything else, we have to work our way to the top so we can stay there.”
“Nothing has ever come easy to us Africans. But anything worth having will not be a cake walk. Started from the bottom, but we here.”
Source: Daily Guide

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