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Ghana's celebrities march against darkness

Thousands of Ghanaians joined a historic celebrity vigil in Accra Saturday evening to express their frustration over a three-year power crisis.
In scenes resembling Africa’s freedom struggles of the past, Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson and a number of actors and musicians led the vigil and short protest walk.
Van Vicker, a famous actor and one of the leaders of the vigil, said he was not satisifed with just the efforts by government. He wanted results. He wanted electricity.

After an uphill struggle which threatened to scupper the vigil, including a boundary dispute between two Ga traditional councils, the celebrities finally hit the streets carrying torchlights, candlesticks, lanterns and any form of light, including miners’ lamps.
Their protest led them down the dark busy road from Legon bridge to Tetteh Quarshie amidst chants and demands for a quick fix to the power crisis.
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It was one of the biggest crowds recorded in recent times for any form of demonstration. The crowd, mostly made up of the youth, also had a fair representation of middle class business people, acclaimed lawyers and Members of Parliament.

Two of the worst critics of the #dumsormuststop vigil, Halidu Haruna, a government communicator and David Oscar, a comedian, found their way to the vigil grounds and were treated to a mixed reception.
Oscar, like the prodigal son, had to defend why he made a quick u-turn to join a vigil he had so much criticised. In a show of solidarity, however, the comedian shared candlesticks and took selfies with some of the protestors.
Halidu Haruna, who had called lead organisers Lydia Forson and Yvonne Nelson prostitutes was heckled by the crowd despite his sincere apologies to the two.
He was hounded and chased out of the vigil grounds and had to be shielded by the police.
The multitude then converged at the Tetteh Quarshie round about where vigil organisers, Van Vicker and Yvonne Nelson, addressed the crowd.
Source: Joy News

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