Cabinet approves Consumer Protection Policy

Cabinet has approved the Consumer Protection Policy, Irene Aborchie-Nyahe, Consultant on Consumer Protection, Ministry of Trade and Industry said.
Mrs Aborchie-Nyahe said the main aim of the policy was to ensure the effective implementation of guidelines which would protect consumers.
She revealed that a Committee had been set up to seek the implementation of issues raised in the Policy, which had been approved by the Cabinet.
The establishment of a Consumer Protection Authority is a key requirement of the new policy. This will enable Government to adequately oversee all issues relating to consumer protection.
She policy covers areas such as advertising, consumer choice, and consumer protection for the disabled.
Mrs Aborchie-Nyahe added that there would be a need for officers in all the regions and consumer protection desks at the Ministry.
She hinted that very soon it would become illegal for sellers to display “Goods sold are not returnable” tags on their premises as the implementation of the new law empowered the consumer to return damaged goods.
She urged consumers to guard against the purchase of unwholesome goods as they would be in a better position to protect themselves than any other regulatory institution.
There were submissions from representatives from the Food and Drugs Authority, Ghana Standards Authority and the National Communications Authority on what they were doing to ensure consumer protection.
Credit: GNA

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