Mahama does not respect Ghanaians – Ayisi Boateng

George Ayisi Boateng, a founding member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has expressed his disgust about recent statements from the President regarding his “immunity” to demonstrations and strike actions.
Mr Boateng, who described the President as someone who likes to play with words on Kessben Television’s morning show, Ade3akye Abia, explained that the President has already used the words “Yentie obiaa” which means that he will not listen to anyone.
He added that President Mahama thinks that the opposition party, NPP, are behind all the demonstrations happening in the country, while it is clear that people from across the political divide are turning out to express their frustrations.
Mr Boateng said the President’s recent statements in Botswana saying that he would not be moved by demonstrations and strikes constituted “gross disrespect to Ghanaians”.
“When businesses are collapsing because of power crisis and he sees people demonstrating but does nothing than talk anyhow, then you can say he is insulting them,” he added.
President Mahama has sent the strongest indications yet that his government will not be coerced into over-spending in 2016 by the weight of demands and strikes of workers.

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