We need a dumping site – Kwadaso Sawmill charge authorities

Lack of a dumping site at the Kwadaso Sawmill has left workers at the site unable to carry out their daily duties.
When Kessben TV visited the site, there was a large heap of uncollected sawdust.
The chairman of the sawmill, Mr Kwame Owusu Adomako lamented that the lack of a dumping site poses a lot of challenges.
When the sawdust has accumulated, they have to stop work to allow the saw dust to subside, either by the wind blowing it away or through other natural means.
The workers explained further that they are disappointed in the authorities for not using the tolls they charge to pay for the collection of the sawdust, and lamented that the authorities do not seem to care about the infrastructural development of the area.
The workers pleaded with the authorities to provide a dumping site, particularly to avoid a fire disaster.

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