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Ghana FA boss allegedly asked to step down

Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi is to step down from heading the Black Stars after mounting internal pressure, Citi Sports has reported. Nyantakyi has been criticised for biting off more than he could chew since managing the Black Stars is a notoriously detailed job. It is this apparent lack of detail that, internal sources tell Citi Sports, is the reason why the national team has been floundering since Nyantakyi took over in 2011. It is alleged that Ghana FA’s highest decision-making body, the Executive Committee, has asked Nyantakyi to relinquish the position. The Ghana team has in the last three major tournaments seen consistent reports of indiscipline, infighting, bizarre black magic claims and bonus fiascos. This decision could be just one of many internal reforms needed for the Ghana FA to gain public trust  at a time when the country has seen its image dented by the public airlifting of $3m to pay player bonuses in Brazil. But with Nyantakyi even more determined not to resign altogether, despite increasing calls for him to do so, others also believe this move is just a gimmick to keep fans quiet while business as usual continues.

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