Pro-gay movement sabotaging economy – Allotey Jacobs

Allotey Jacobs, a former Board member of the Electricity Company of Ghana, has said that the current economic difficulty in Ghana is as a result of “an international conspiracy” against the country.
The National Democratic Congress Central Regional Chairman aspirant said government’s stance against the practice of homosexuality in Ghana has turned donors away.
Speaking on Peace FM’s Kokrookoo programme, the ‘educated fisherman’, as he is widely known, said there is no longer inflows of foreign currency and remittances have decreased because Mahama’s government rejected the demands by international bodies for Ghana to legalise homosexuality.
The country’s economy is in crisis with record depreciation of the currency, high inflation and high budget deficits, among others.
Government spokespersons have given varied reasons for the economic crisis, but critics, including members of the opposition New Patriotic Party, have been quick to cite corruption and government incompetence.

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