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Power crisis to worsen as Bui cuts production

The ongoing power crisis is set to worsen as the Bui Power Authority (BPA) has announced a reduction in its current generation capacity.
The BPA has been operating its generation plant at a rate of 3.66 million kWh/day from November 2013 – about 2.5 times the target rate – in order to supplement existing generation.
However officials of the Authority say the dwindling level of water in the dam has forced authorities to limit the generation capacity to an average of about 1.44 million kWh/day.
“The Bui Generating Station is unable to maintain the high rate of power generation and production has had to be reduced in order to protect the turbines from potential damage,” a release signed by Mawuli Fui Kwadzovia, Assistant External and Communications Relations Officer said.
“This is necessary because it is imprudent to operate the generating plant below the minimum operating level of the reservoir (168 masl) as this unduly exposes the turbines to higher risks of cavitation damage.
“The current situation is also not favored by the hydrology of the Black Volta River as expected inflows in May and June are usually very low.  BPA is monitoring the reservoir level and will revise the production plan in conjunction with GRIDCo as soon as it is prudent to do so”.

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