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Think war, and you will get war – Concerned Clergymen

The Concerned Clergymen of Ghana say the organization of the National Peace Summit was misplaced because, “the atmosphere we are creating in Ghana will rather generate more fear and fear is the platform for the enemy to do evil.”

“If we are all thinking evil and we are all thinking war, war will happen.”

The National Peace Summit, organised by the Institute of Democratic Governance (IGEG) on Friday, was put together to encourage Ghanaians to maintain the peace in the country after Supreme Court had passed a verdict on the election petition case.

Several key personalities such as ex-President John Rawlings, Chiefs, opinion leaders, some clergymen and political party representatives were present to urge Ghanaians to refrain from any activities which could mar the peace in the country.

Sharing his thoughts on the Summit on Eyewitness News, the spokesperson for the group, Rev. Benny Woode opined that the programme was likely to create an atmosphere of fear among the citizens.

Rev. Woode insisted: “there is nothing happening in Ghana that should be calling for prayer, that should be calling for a summit. What is it? We’ve gone for elections… we’ve gone to court and we are waiting for the lawyers to send their address and in August the judges will come with their verdict. Is this something that should cause apprehension in the nation?”
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