Pastor Warns John Dumelo To Stop Extorting Money From Ladies And Deceiving Them

Sequel to the allegation of lies and deceit leveled on the handsome Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo, a certain pastor Michael Sam based in the United Kingdom has exposed his act as being his way of life.
“Why is it that John Dumelo is taking more time than is necessary in speaking the truth? It is not that he has not spoken about his fake marriage with Harrina A Dembele, there are more issues to deal with,” concerned fans asked.
Well, there is a rumour about a Brigitte and others spoken of by one Pastor Micheal Sam from the United Kingdom, the pastor was so bitter in a letter he posted online about the way Dumelo dupes women of their hard earned money all in the name of love.
This is extracted and are edited by us from the Pastor’s timeline on the social media, “Dumelo has a problem and he need to be careful or else he may be digging his own grave. Someone or his parents should talk to him because he has a problem with money and how he deceives ladies and take their money.
To Mr. John Dumelo, please go and pay those ladies in these countries I have mentioned. You know what I am talking about before something else happen to you. One of them is “Brigitte,” she is in Australia at the moment, she gave you money to be given to her parents and you have spent the money and kept on telling her stories…
The other ladies I will hold their names for now and they all have evidences of the monies they gave to you. Protect your name, John Dumelo and your image by paying them because you have a good future so dont let these things destroy the sweet future you have. My last word for you and as a pastor and a lawyer, Mr. John Dumelo try and seek for help because the things they are saying about you are not good okay.”
Now, what has Dumelo have to say?

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