Quarshie Idun continues cross examination (Live updates)

15:43 – Hearing resumes with Dr Bawumia still in the witness Box being cross examined by Lawyer Quarshie Idun. 

15:25 – Court goes on short recess 

14:46 – Cross examination continues with Quarshie idun quizzing Dr Bawumia about the process of voting before, during and after the election. 

Philip Addison raises objection to Quarshie Idun ‘s questions over the collation sheets

14:42 – Dr Bawumia reads sections of the tendered document per the request of Quarshie Idun. 

14:38 – Quarshie Idun tenders into evidence, ‘The Electoral Commission’s Guide to Candidates and Agents’.

14:33 – Quarshie Idun quizzes Dr Bawumia about the procedures voters and agents and officials go through on voting day. 

14:22 – Lawyer Quarshie Idun takes over the cross examination after Tony Lithur brings his to a close. 

14:00 – “When he asks a question, you don’t elect the version you want and answer” – Justice Atuguba tells Dr Bawumia 

13:55 – Lithur – “Doc, am suggesting to you that in all cases that people voted without biometric verification, it was an error by the EC officials 

Bawumia – “Well, i do not agree”

13:50 – Lithur – “Doc, am suggesting to you that in all cases that people voted without biometric verification, it was an error by the EC officials 

Bawumia – “Well, i do not agree”

13:30 – Hearing resumes in the Supreme Court with Dr Bawumia in the witness stand and Tony Lithur cross examining. 

The Supreme Court hearing the election petition case seeking to annul the results of the 2012 general elections is on a lunch break.

Hearing resumes at 13:20 GMT.

12:18 – Court goes on a lunch break and will return at 13:20 GMT

12:15 – Tony Lithur – “Nobody in the 2012 election voted, whose identity had not been checked in the register”

Dr Bawumia – “I was not at all the polling stations.”

11:55 – Cross examination continues in court with Tony Lithur questioning Dr Bawumia about issues relating to voting without biometric verification.

11:35 – Tony Lithur accuses that: “The idea of serial number was conjured by the petitioner to beef up the numbers.” 

Dr Bawumia however responds saying: “I disagree. We cannot trust the integrity of the forms they (Serial numbers) are written on.” 

11:25 – “We expected the second respondent to protect the integrity of the ballot” – Dr Bawumia tells the court after questions from Tony Lithur suggests that the polling agents of the petitioners should have trained to check some of the “irregularities” they claim took place during voting. 

10:50 – “In every single case where results have been annulled, reports were made” – Tony Lithur

No, my Lord, i am not aware of that – Dr Bawumia 

10:40 – “Trim the answers according to the size of the question” – Justice Atuguba cautions both petitioners and respondents

Philip Addison raises an objection to the manner in which, according to him, Tony Lithur is badgering the witness. 

The court cautions lawyer Addison to have his client answer the questions directly.

10:28 – Tony Lithur insists that the differences in total valid votes documented and the number entered into the C1 section of the sheet is so because of an administrative error.

Dr Bawumia however insists that since counsel and himself (Bawumia) were not physically present at the time the details were being entered, an inference could not be made to that effect. 

10:21 – Cross examination begins with Tony Lithur giving Dr Bawumia some sheets, which he says he has run by the lawyers of the petitioners. 

He requests Dr Bawumia to take a close look at the total valid votes at the bottom with C1 on the pink sheets.

10:15 – Lawyers for the petitioners and the respondents introduce their teams to the court.
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