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Pentecost University deny receiving laptops from gov’t

The Pentecost University College has denied reports some of its students have received free laptops under government’s ICT project.

Government has published the names of students from the various universities it has allegedly distributed free laptops to.

About 50 students from the Pentecost University are reported to be on the list.

The school has however indicated that they have cross-checked with the names they have in their database and none of those students in the released list are from the university.

The school authorities are therefore asking government to come clean on origin of the list of University Students.

The Public Relations Officer of the school, Emmanuel Kyei in an interview with Citi News said: “I am at a loss as to who the Ministry spoke to. I checked from the Academic Affairs Unit and they said that nobody has contacted them for this list and so management is at a loss concerning the list that appeared in the various dailies.”

He insisted that “the students are not our students but as of now we haven’t taken any decision on it yet, but management will be taking a decision and if possible, we will issue a statement. We’ve called on the Ministry to come out and tell us where they got those lists from.”

“We are in business with government and if there are some laptops of a sort that they are distributing, we, as of now, haven’t gotten ours so they may want to give us our share of the cake,” he added.

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