10 Things smart women know about men

A candid and empowering guide to love and relationships.I’m by no means professing to be a dating guru, but when it comes to the opposite sex and what it takes to make a union work, I can remind you of these –well established – set of “rules”:
1.    If a man really wants to be with you, nothing will be able to keep him away from you.
2.    Slower is better.
3.    Don’t ever settle. If you have doubts in your mind and if you feel as though he’s taking you for a ride, then chances are that he probably is.
4.    Save yourself the drama and heartache and rather just trust your instincts.
5.    Accept that you will never be able to change a man – the only person you have control over in a relationship is yourself and how you react to situations.
6.    If a relationship ends for whatever reason(s), then sometimes – especially if you still care about him – it’s better to simply cut ties. Being ‘just friends’ sounds good in theory, but rarely ever works in practice.
7.    Ensure that the man you are with can make you laugh. Nothing is sexier than a guy with a sense of humour.
8.    Never let a man – or anyone else for that matter – define your worth.
9.    His job, his education and/or his material gains does not make him superior to you and therefore does not give him the right to belittle you. And vice versa.
10.    Communication truly is the key to making things work.
And there you have it.
Now, of course these are not the only things clever women know when it comes to dating and relationships.

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