Actor Nonso Diobi downplays sex controversy

Nollywood actor, Nonso Diobi has downplayed rumors that the last time he had sex was two years ago.
News went viral Sunday after the actor was reported to have tweeted that he has been sex starved for two years now.
With the news gaining ground, the actor has come out to refute the veracity of the news.
According to, the script interpreter noted that the controversial tweet was only a joke which was taken too seriously by the media.
The Anambra State-born actor said he only jokingly answered a question directed at him on twitter when he was asked when he last had sex, which he replied to be two years ago.
In his words, “So this joke has gone wide. I never knew that joke would go wide. I was just joking with these guys on twitter and it went wide. Chai! Hmmm, that little joke has gone wild.”
Nonso Diobi entered Nollywood 2001 featuring in his first movie Border line. He however had his breakthrough in the movie Hatred soon after Border line.

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