We did not tell the African Games Volunteers that we would give them money – Dr Kwaku Ofosu Asare

Dr. Kwaku Ofosu-Asare, the executive chairman of the local organizing committee for the 2023 African Games, claims that protesting volunteers for the just finished competition were given false information on stipends.

At the Games Village in Legon on Wednesday, the volunteers and the police got into a fight over what they thought was a promised parcel (MONEY) that was meant for them.

More than a thousand people offered their assistance in organizing the continental event via volunteering.

“There was miscommunication, misunderstanding, they did not get it well. I said give me a definition of volunteerism. The letter given to them, there was nothing about monetary consideration,” Ofosu-Asare told JoySports in an exclusive interview.

“I won’t fault them too much because when they got evicted [residence], the hostels that were used [belong to] private people.

“Right now, they arrange to give them some money to go home. They got a lot of things wrong that we are paying dollars to external volunteers. No external volunteers came. We did not have external volunteers.”

After 16 days of competition that got underway on March 8, Ghana won 69 medals at the African Games.

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