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Feast Of Passover Rejects Homosexuality – Apostle

Seventh Day Congregation of Theocracy is known to be one of the numerous churches that celebrates and honor the passover feast.

As one of the important celebration on their church calendar which helps bring about unity, peace, love and harmony amongst it’s members and further results to a lovely year filled with God’s blessings.

Apostle Kadmiel Emmanuel Hodasi Agbalenyoh, Founder and Leader of the Seventh Day Congregation of Theocracy addressing the media during this year’s End Time Judeo – Christians passover under the Theme ” Feast of Passover Rejects Homosexuality” explained that the current difficulty for nations to reject Homosexuality is based on the Confederated Authorities of the United Nations(UN), United States of America(USA),European Union(EU) and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Therefore heads of nations tend to legalize the unlawful human sexuality thou together with their citizenry frown against it.
Hence the only stance of the nations and saints is to separate themselves from any Confederated Authorities, religious and political acceptance of Homosexuality and be United with the Almighty God, as he has abhorred all unlawful human sexual activities on earth.

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