Mr. Ibu is an irreplaceable figure – Charles Awurum

Famous Nigerian comedic actor Charles Awurum has said that the late John “Mr Ibu” Okafor, is an irreplaceable asset to the film industry.

The nation and the entertainment business were thrown into sorrow when Mr. Ibu’s death was reported on Saturday night, March 2.

“I was shocked to hear the news, but I didn’t believe it since individuals were using social media to commit murder. I started to feel strange at that point, like something was missing from me.

In an interview with Papa Jay on Poleeno multimedia and been monitored by

Inojie continued that; “There’s sometimes you lose a person in an industry and you say, well, so or so person would replace him. But Mr Ibu is irreplaceable.

Mr. Ibu spears with all of his limbs.


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