Ghana Scholarly Society to host Conference addressing Africa’s social issues on June 19 to 21

Ghana Scholarly Society, a society of Ghanaian citizens and people of Ghanaian heritage living in abroad and working within the fields of academia, science or studying at the postgraduate research level, will organise a high conference and launch event from Wednesday, 19th June to Friday, 21st June, 2024.

The event will take place at the University of Bradford, School of Management, United Kingdom. It would be under the theme:
“Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa through multidisciplinary research and engagement”.

The Ghana Scholarly Society conference and launch seeks to bring together different researchers to explore the role of African academics/scholars (through research and engagement) in addressing the complex social issues in Africa.

Such issues may include but are not limited to inequality and poverty, unemployment, public health, geopolitical conflicts, war, climate change, and human rights. The Society is, therefore, calling on research contributions relative to African development with
31st March 2024 as the deadline.

The conference

Touching on the upcoming conference during a recent interview on Joy News’ “The Pulse” programme, the President of the Ghana Scholarly Society, Prof. Kweku Adams, stressed the crucial role of scholarly collaboration and knowledge sharing in propelling national development.

With the Society gearing up for an upcoming conference, Prof. Adams highlighted the imperative for academia to address the pressing challenges confronting Ghana.

Prof. Adams challenged the notion that “two heads are better than one,” asserting that it is “two good heads that are better than one.” He stressed the significance of multidisciplinary research and the integration of diverse ideas to navigate Africa’s and Ghana’s challenges effectively.

The President explained the Society’s mandate, which encompasses conducting research and addressing issues ranging from unemployment to gender diversity and legal system reform. He underscored the collective effort of Ghanaian scholars, particularly in Europe, in analyzing and tackling the nation’s challenges.

Addressing youth unemployment, Prof. Adams emphasised the importance of mentoring and access to resources for entrepreneurial success. He disclosed plans for collaboration with the British Council to provide skill training for youth aspiring to start businesses. These initiatives, including expert-led seminars and lectures, aim to bridge skill gaps among Ghanaian entrepreneurs.

Highlighting deficiencies in critical thinking and practical application of knowledge among African students, Prof. Adams emphasized the need for practical skills. He noted that collaboration with the British Council would focus on addressing these practical needs and empowering Ghanaian youth and entrepreneurs.

Drawing from his extensive experience in the UK educational system, Prof. Adams emphasized the transformative impact of hands-on education. He expressed optimism that leveraging expertise from the West, particularly in practical skills, would greatly benefit Ghanaian youth and entrepreneurs.

Prof. Adams reiterated the Ghana Scholarly Society’s commitment to fostering intellectual exchange and collaboration for national development. He added that as the Society prepares for its upcoming conference, it remains steadfast in its mission to contribute meaningfully to addressing Ghana’s challenges through scholarly research and knowledge dissemination.

About the Ghana Scholarly Society

Established on July 22, 2021, The Ghana Scholarly Society is a Society of Ghanaian citizens and people of Ghanaian heritage living in abroad and working within the fields of academia, science or studying at the postgraduate research level.

The society is a non-partisan organisation, and free from political affiliations. The objective of tge Ghanaian Scholarly Society is its unwavering commitment to fostering collaboration, professional growth, and academic advancement within Ghana and on the global stage.

It has the vision is to support Ghanaians in their pursuit of excellence. Its mission is to expand scholarly networks and influence policy decisions, educational offerings, and curricula development through impactful research.

Further details

The conference is open to all academics around the world whose work focuses on Africa and centres on any of the six critical tracks vital to Africa’s development: Each track is headed by the following reputable academics:

  1. Business and Management
    Track chair(s)
    Prof. David Sarpong. Aston University, Birmingham:
    Dr Samuel Adomako, University of Birmingham:
  2. Economics, Finance and Accounting
    Track chair(s)
    Dr Albert Danso, De Montfort University, Leicester:
    Dr Francis Donbensuur, University of Leicester:
  3. AI, Data Analytics, Computing and Digital Technologies
    Track chair(s)
    Prof Michael Opoku Agyemang- University of Northampton:
    Dr Rexford Attah-Boakye – University of Bradford:
  4. Science, Engineering and Health/Medicine
    Track chair(s)
    Dr Joseph K. Ofori Kuragu, Anglia Ruskin University:
    Dr Kofi Asare-Addo, University of Huddersfield:
    Dr Kenny Omo, University of Central Lancashire:
  5. Law and Society
    Track chair(s)
    Dr Nuhu Yidana – SOAS University of London:
    Dr Priscilla A. Vitoh – University of Leicester:
  6. Social Science and Development
    Track Chair(s)
    Chair(s) Dr Divine M. Asafo University of Hull
    Dr Richmond J. Ehwi Oxford-Brooks University
    Society’s Conference website

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