The comedy industry needs support & investment, Don’t wait for us to become huge before you come on board – Ato Pagh & Dwomoh

Standup comedians, Ato Pagh and Ebenezer Dwomoh have urged corporate Ghana and individuals to invest in the comedy industry.

The comedians speaking on Music Plus with Mr. Bonze stressed that the Comedy industry in Ghana has received lesser support within the entertainment space in Ghana compared to other industries like the movie and the music industry.

Ebenezer Dwomoh underscored that though, the same level of support for the movie and the music industry cannot be given to the comedy industry however, the comedy industry shouldn’t be left helpless and that efforts should be made for its growth.

Ato Pagh bemoaned over how difficult it is for the standup comedians to get sponsorships for their shows.

Speaking on the show, he divulged that due to the lack of willingness to support their industry, they are left with no option but to take anything meager which are offered to them.


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