“200 million old cedis ($1600) is nothing” Richmond Lamptey deserves it – Kessben Sports Crew

The Kessben Sports Crew reckon in-form Kumasi Asante Kotoko midfielder Richmond Lamptey deserves the amount of money he has requested in the negotiations over his contract renewal talks with the Kumasi-based football club.

The former Inter-Allies player’s contract is expected to run out with Kotoko in 4 months with many offers being channeled to him by teams across Africa.

The ball-playing midfielder has reportedly told Asante Kokoto to increase his salary to GHC20,000 to extend his contract with Kotoko. However, a section of the club’s supporters repute that the player is making outrageous demands considering the bad football economy of Ghana.

The Kessben Sports Crew reacting to the demands of the midfielder reiterated that the amount the player is requesting is nothing out of reach for a club like Asante Kotoko stature.

The host of Kessben Sports, Sir Joe Laka stressed that the club paying GHC20,000 which is equivalent to $1600 a month for their best player should not be a big deal.

Andy Kerm added that the amount is nothing too huge for Kotoko looking at the fat wage bill of the club, they could strategically let go of some redundant players to loosen their wage bill and pay the key players well to stay.

Franko Naro asserted that $1600 should not be an amount for a club like Kotoko to let such an instrumental player leave.

Meanwhile, Lybian club Al Ta’awon has offered Lamptey a whopping amount of $ 7000-month salary deal to join them.


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