JFK, The Perfect Fit For NPP’s Operations In The 2024 Elections

The choice of Justin Frimpong Kodua, the General Secretary, for the task of operations is not far fetched. He remains an excellent choice for such a task for the following reasons:

  1. He is the lover boy of the Ashanti Region because of his solid relationships, respect and compassion for people. To stop the growing apathy in the region, his presence in the campaign will be key .Lawyer is expected to reach out to as many voters in the Ashanti region as possible.
  2. His firm relationship with identifiable groups. For example, in the 2020 elections, Lawyer Justin Frimpong Koduah took it upon himself to sponsor many of the identifiable groups in Kumasi especially the Crusaders, loyal ladies and Alpha Patriots. He made sure these groups went to the villages to propagate the good works of the party. Now, with him in charge of operations for the NPP, we can only expect a better working relationship with identifiable groups.
  3. His understanding of the political space is solid. Having served as a regional officer for 8 years and later as CEO of YEA with district officers across the country makes him a solid person for operations. His background gives him a certain positive leverage that he can trigger to the benefit of the party.
  4. His excellent leadership style since assuming the position of GS has increased his likeability, influence and penetration into NPP. As GS of the party, he has been exemplary. Even his earlier critics have admired his leadership style. Bringing this leadership style into the operations work and ensuring that resources reach their destination will be key. This isn’t about him.

In summary, the NPP couldn’t have chosen a better fit for this assignment. The base of the party also remain ready and willing to go every length and breadth to make his assignment easy. We are with him every step of the way.

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