I love beer too much – Eden Hazard finally opens up on his Real Madrid struggle

Eden Hazard was expected to be the biggest thing in football after his transfer to Real Madrid from Chelsea, but it didn’t work out.

Eden Hazard has now conceded he struggled with his weight during his career, and it was down to his personal lifestyle.

In an interview with John Obi Mikel on the Obi One Podcast, Eden Hazard admits that he spent the holidays enjoying life to the fullest, which led to his weight gain.

He said: “It is true. I gained four or five kilos every summer because I thought that you give so much for ten months, where you put your body at the highest level and let people kick you down. So your free time is your free time.

“You shouldn’t have asked me to do anything. I enjoyed being with my family and going to the beach. So I shouldn’t be asked to run for the three or four weeks.

“I can easily play football on the beach with my children, but don’t ask me to run.”

Hazard retired in October after cutting short his Real Madrid contract a year early, and the former Belgian star points out that his love of beer eventually got the better of him.

He went on: “It’s true, I came back from the holiday with five kilos too much, I knew it well.

“As Belgians, we love beer because my country has the best beers in the world. I’m not saying I drank every day because that’s not true, but sometimes after a good game it’s nice to have a drink or two.”


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