Transformative Leadership: Kwasi Afrifa Advocates for Unity and Development in Amenfi West

n a resounding call to action, the aspirant Member of Parliament for Amenfi West under the flagship of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa, has boldly championed the urgent need for a leader who will galvanize unity and foster development within the constituency. Afrifa, deeply committed to the welfare of his constituents, underscored the pivotal role of cohesive leadership in propelling progress, lamenting the stagnation in development that has plagued the area for years.

Highlighting the unique status of Amenfi West as the sole constituency in the country boasting two prominent cocoa districts, namely Samreboi and Asankragwa, Afrifa drew attention to the glaring infrastructure deficit, particularly the unpaved cocoa roads and the absence of a dedicated cocoa clinic. Despite the significant contribution of the constituency to cocoa production nationwide, the glaring absence of essential amenities underscores the urgent need for transformative leadership.

He was addressing the media during his visitation to Asankrangua, Asankra Breman, Kwaben, Moseaso, Oda Krofofrom, Oda Anhwiam, Odumase, Yirase and Wassa Dunkwa.

Hon Afrifa, drawing from his intimate familiarity with the constituency, vowed to leverage his position as a potential Member of Parliament to rally the chiefs and people towards a shared vision of progress and development. Central to his mission is the imperative of fostering unity among constituents, transcending political, ethnic, and religious divides to collectively address the pressing development needs of the area.

Responding to the misconception that Members of Parliament are solely lawmakers and not catalysts for development, Afrifa vehemently dismissed such defeatist thinking, emphasizing the substantial influence of MPs within the legislative process. With over 50 per cent of MPs serving in the cabinet, Afrifa argued convincingly that MPs wield significant power in shaping development policies and initiatives.

Looking ahead to the upcoming general elections in December, Afrifa exuded confidence in the prospects of the NPP, citing the government’s commendable track record of accomplishments. However, he acknowledged the communication challenges in effectively disseminating the government’s achievements to the grassroots level. In light of Vice-President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia’s recent address, Afrifa pledged to amplify efforts in communicating the government’s successes, urging party supporters to redouble their efforts in garnering the trust of all Ghanaians.

In a passionate appeal to constituents and traditional leaders, Afrifa urged a decisive shift towards transformative leadership, one characterized by a robust network spanning local and international spheres. With a focus on facilitating educational scholarships, promoting sports, and fostering business opportunities, Afrifa envisions a future where the youth of Amenfi West are empowered to soar to greater heights, propelling the constituency towards a prosperous and vibrant future.

In other news, Kwasi Afrifa is expected to tour Nyame Ndae, Gonukrom and Bɔdeɛ krom with his entourage on Sunday 18th February, 2024.

Source :Dominic Kojo Blay

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