They should compare their studios & work ethics to BBC & Aljazeera, It’s a useless demonstration – Ghanaian football lover to Sports Journalists

In the wake of the demonstration by a section of some Ghanaian sports Journalists, Prince Osei Bonsu, a Ghanaian football enthusiast has reacted with a dissenting view regarding the move by the sports journalists as a very “useless effort” in savaging Ghana football

Read below his reaction:

“SOME Media personnel will today, February 14 2024 organize a demonstration against the falling nature of Ghana football.

Interestingly, these are the same people who contributed to the dwindling nature of Ghana football but have turned around today in protest to save the sport.

The genesis of our problems started with them.

This is the Media that constantly told the whole world how badly our old players who won the previous AFCONs were treated with regards to non payment of bonuses and what they rightly deserved.

The Media engaged some of these legends on their respective shows and visited them at their homes to highlight their poor living conditions after serving the country.

Some of these legends even CURSED the country not to win any major laurals if they were not paid what were due them.

The Media, after showing us the sorry states of the old players then ADVISED the current players to take what is due them now so that their situation won’t be like the old players. Muntari, Essien,Appiah, Gyan etc started fighting for what was due them. These players started to negotiate for huge winning and qualification bonuses.

In the 2014 world cup, our players decided to boycott the matches if their appearance fees were not paid them. Money has to be flown directly from Ghana to Brazil in a Hollywood movie like style to calm nerves before the players continued with the tournament.

John Boye is reported to have even kissed his $100,000 appearance fee in Brazil. The current players unlike the old players decided to fight for every penny that was due them upon the advise of the Media.

The Media then came back and said these players were too money conscious and not committed enough.

They started attacking them and court severe hatred for the Black Stars among Ghanaians. Till now , some Ghanaians haven’t forgiven them for prioritizing money over national service.

The Black Stars haven’t been the same since the public backlash. Some Ghanaians even wished they never progressed in any tournament in order not for them to demand any monetary gains.

Some Ghanaians were recently happy that the Stars didn’t qualify to from their group in the just ended AFCON because they wouldn’t get the promised $30,000 dollars that was set at a package for them should they have qualified.

The Media has been in the centre of all these issues.

These same journos “killed” domestic football by constantly comparing our pitches, facilities and even the performance of our players to the most developed leagues such as the EPL, La Liga, German Bundesliga etc how on earth is that comparison even possible? Yet they never compared their studios and work ethics to that of BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera etc

Most people lost the appetite for local football because of the constant downgrading of everything in the league by juxtaposing it with the elite ones instead of carefully protecting our own and putting in efforts to make it better. Now, players in the local clubs wanna leave with the least provocative amount given by clubs from Libya, Sudan, Egypt. Attendance in our various stadia is beyond appalling.

The Media have practically destroyed everything regarding football but have turned to demonstrate today against the nosediving state of our football.

Ghanaians must rather demonstrate against these people before anyone else.

Looking at the kinda destruction that the typical Ghanaian Journo who see no positive thing in our game have caused our football only for some of them to hypocritically turn and behave as if they are more concerned about the sport only makes me wonder.

Notwithstanding, they will still get some gullible ones who take whatever that they say hook, line and sinker to impose their agenda on them by following them to hit the streets today.

The planned demonstration today is the most misplaced and useless effort in savaging our football because they organizers are as guilty as SIN.

We move”

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