I was once a millionaire, I sold my house, cars & land to sponsor my girlfriend abroad but later she dumped me – Man cries out (Video)

Man burst into tears as girlfriend he sponsored with his money and made her rich dumps him leaving him broke.

The man identified as Suleiman Haussian revealed that he put all his life saving on his girlfriend including sponsoring her education in canada with the hope that they would end up be together.

He made it known that after she finished studying in canada, she came back to tanzania, broke up with him and even invited him to her wedding with another man she fell in love with.

How he felt, he said: “It was impossible that i can sell house, car and land, You hurt my heart Ashura.”

According to him, he was a successful businessman as he worked in his family hardware shop but now he survives by collecting and selling plastic bottles.

Narrating his story on how he met his ex-girlfriend, he said: “I had a girlfriend, but she was still a student, her name was aisha, after completing her high school education, her family arranged and helped her to continue her studies abroad, that was back in 2008, she introduced me to her parents and we agreed that after graduation, she could return and we can get married.”

How he helped her, he said: “She went to canada and her parents went bankrupt so i stepped up and paid her tuition fees for the first and second year, i could also send her some money, lets call it a stipend for her to survive abroad, I was a proud boyfriend who was happy to see his girlfriend study, I thought it would benefit the both of us and then, my parents had died and they left me with shops that generated good income and i thought investing in her would help us in the future.

“As years past, Aisha had some financial issues with a big debt, she called me while crying, worried and afraid of dropping out and i asked what it was and she explained how she got into a 10million debt, as i was looking for solution, i remembered that i was left with some inheritance including many possessions so i sold them all and got 50million tanzanian shillings, I later that day met her parents who also expressed how sad they are for failing to pay their daughter’s debt and i told them not to worry and i got them covered, i gave them the money to send to their daughter.”

The total amount of money he spent on her, he said: “The total amount of money he spent on her is over 400million due to different things i sold including cars, plots of land and some other business shops, to me it was an investment and upon her return, i knew we were clear and marriage was next but due to spending all i had, i started going bankrupt and then found myself without any penny.

How he got dumped, he said: ” I thought our love is unbreakable but she drifted away, leaving me with nothing but memories and debts, after coming back, she started avoiding men slowly by slowly, I gave her sometime hoping she would come back to her senses and consider my efforts but some people are made differently.”

How he his family warned him about trusting women, he said: “My family had warn me not to trust women with my money, but silly iwas not to listen to them, since i couldn’t listen to their advice, they stopped giving me any support, my family realized that i was becoming stupid yet they were the only people whp could support me financially, they kicked me out of their business, now i cant even afford the basic needs, I have to depend on collecting and selling plastic water bottles.”

See video below……

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