Ghanaian Gospel musicians make it appear Christianity is for the poor – Andy Odarky

Ghanaian musician Andy Odarky says that some Ghanaian gospel musicians have made it seem like Christianity was designed for the poor.

Speaking on Kessben TV‘s Around Town show, he stressed that one of the important things you can do to show your gratitude to God is to help your neighbor because there’s no way you can fetch water for God.

I can’t offer anything to God. It seems like Christians portray non-churchgoers as evil. When I want something from God, I simply pray and request it. I’ve never said I’m a Christian because I drink alcohol. He said.

He noted that he does not give offerings when he goes to church. “I first look at the pastor’s land-cruiser, shining suit, and shoes. Those sitting at the roadside pleading for money are the ones if I help God will bless me, not the Pastors.

He added that God won’t use your money for anything (Hagar 2:8) he quoted. No matter who you are or what you do Pray.


Story By: Winnifred Akua Fosuaa

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