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Since I dated white ladies, we’ve never argued over money – Ghanaian man abroad reveals

A Ghanaian man who now resides abroad has drawn stark contrasts between the women he dated back home and the women he has dated abroad.

He admitted that he had never argued with a white woman about money.

He urged males in Ghana to make an effort to travel outside of their country so they can experience the same things he is.

Mr. Happiness, as he was known on TikTok, said in a video that went viral that he had never experienced a white lady arguing with him over money in any of his relationships with white women.

Instead, he claimed that the main reason for the disagreements he had with them was that he was not paying enough attention to them in the relationship.

“For them, even when they come to visit you, you have to draw a budget and they don’t even appreciate what you’ve done.

“My brother, if you are in Ghana, save the money you are spending on a lady, and it travels, once you come, you find so many ladies like her” He said

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