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“I will pay monthly salary to any man willing to marry me” – Woman cries out (Video)

A Nigerian woman living in France has gone online to make the public statement that she urgently seeks a husband.

The lady ‘desperate’ lady revealed in a short Tiktok video that is currently circulating on social media that she needs a man to settle down with because age is no longer on her side.

She is sick of waiting in vain for a husband in the French-speaking country, she claims.

She listed her properties in France and Nigeria and promised that any man who agrees to be her husband will be placed on a monthly salary.

She also claimed that she owns two hostels in Awada, a property in Lagos, and an African business in France when making the news.

The Nigerian woman stated that there is no reason to feel embarrassed about publicly looking for a man. She got down on her knees and asked anyone who was interested to write her a Message.

Since then, social media users have flocked to the comment section to give their comments on the video.



Nigeria lady in France she’s pleading for a husband 🤣

♬ original sound – madam live yr life

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