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When a man pays your Bride price, he has automatically paid for your life – Marriage counselor

Jane Chukwu, a self-proclaimed relationship expert, has encouraged women to quit disrespecting their spouses and start doing things to satisfy them.

Her reasoning is that when a man pays for a woman’s bride price, he has automatically paid for her life and has every right to treat her anyway he sees fit.

In a social media post, Jane Chukwu stated that a woman who has paid the bride price no longer has the right to live the life she desires. She must do anything her husband desires in order to make him happy.

Bride price, bride-dowry, bride-wealth, or bride token is money, property, or other form of wealth paid by a groom or his family to the woman or family of the woman he is about to marry or will marry.

The value can range from a token to a large sum, including real estate and other assets.
Due of the excessive bride price charged by some families, most men end up treating their women like commodities purchased in a market.

 “Forget civilization and feminist brouhaha, when a man pays your bride price, he has automatically paid for your life and the life you live isn’t yours anymore, the life you now have is to please him and make him happy all the days of his life.” She said.

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