Stop tagging my name with TV3 mentor, it hinders my music career – Odarkey Andy

Ghanaian musician, Odarkey Andy says people should stop associating his name with TV3 mentor as it continues to hinder his music career.

Odarkey speaking in an interview with Koo Fante on Kessben TV revealed that it’s been very difficult for other stations to promote well his works due to the TV3 tag associated with his name.

According to him, he only contested for a reality show on TV3 which must end there but not something to always be associated with his name.

“Yes, I said it. People should take the TV3 mentor off my name. I was not named TV3 mentor. It was a program and if the program has ended, it must also end there.

You cannot be promoting other TV station on a different TV station. It becomes very difficult for other stations to promote you because they feel you are a product of a different radio station.

Whenever your name is mentioned, they attached the station with it which does not help at all. It’s really disturbing. Me for instance, it has been disturbing and a hindrance.

You will go to a station for an interview and by the time you realize 25 minutes of the time has been spent on that without really talking about the music you came to promote so it becomes very difficult for your music to do well out there” He said.

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