‘It takes a hard person to be a musician in this country because the depression is too much’ – Sista Afia discloses

According to Ghanaian singer and songwriter Sista Afia, it takes a person with a tough mental fortitude to become a musician in Ghana because it can be depressing.

This, she revealed in an interview on Adwuma Adwuma on Onua FM with Felicia Osei.

“It takes a hard person to be a musician in this country because the depression is too much,” she revealed.

Born Francisca Gawugah, the Afrobeats and Highlife singer, who lived in the United Kingdom prior to pursuing her musical career in Ghana, mentioned that there are several hurdles to overcome as a Ghanaian musician and the system could also push you down.

According to the ‘Jeje’ crooner, she was not perturbed by the bullying online as she has grown a tough skin to the insults and trolls from unknown accounts.

“Bullying can demoralize you but you have to be prepared,” she said. “There are things people will say to you that can hurt you but you have to ignore. Sometimes you wish you could beat up for their mean comments but you don’t even know who they are”

Quizzed if she was someone who enjoyed fighting and beating others up, she responded in the negative but referenced her upbringing as an influence in how she reacts when pushed to her emotional limits.

“I grew up as a Tomboy in Santasi and I enjoyed fighting with the boys or separating the fights between them but currently you will have to pay me some big bugs before I get into any fight,” she said.

source: 3news

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