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God created women for men & we’re of no essence if there’s no man knacking us – Prophetess Akua Yeboah

Prophetess Akua Yeboah, a newscaster on Kessben TV, believes it is gratifying for a woman to have a male perform sexual obligations on her.

Akua passionately believes that because women were made for men, they should be submissive to males when it comes to fulfilling sexual obligations to the opposing gender.

Akua argued on the Friday episode of Maakye’s topical show, hosted by Akuako Kwarteng, that women who sleep with men before being handed job appointments are not to fault.

She emphasized that women have been sleeping with men long before employment prospects existed, so we can’t blame women for the scourge of sleeping for jobs in our culture now.

‘I won’t blame both men and women for the unfortunate canker today. Talking about how some women dress and show up when they are searching for jobs, it has become the order of the day. After all, is a man who she will be sleeping with.

God created women for men. We belong to men and it is not wrong for them to pursue us. Automatically women belong to men.

As a woman, if a man does not sleep with you, What’s of your essence? So we belong to you. That’s how it is. I belong to you. We were created from you so we must come to you” She said.


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