I quit selling prepaid, he quit being a barber, over 1 year no payment & we turned to beg but we made it – Fanta Blaq shares inspiring story

Fanta Blaq, a skit creator, has chronicled the rough beginnings of Obotan Comedy with his colleague Kwaw Weezy.

Fanta Blaq said in an interactive chat with Koo Fante on Kessben TV’s Around Town Show that he was originally a dancer but was discovered in acting by his colleague Kwaw Weezy.

“Fooling has always been part of me and through fooling, I have been able to travel via flight.

Kwaw Weezy actually discovered me. I was a dancer then. We used to go to events and dance but it was not paying off.

I had some interest in acting and I met Kwaw Weezy and we paired very well. He was a barber and I was selling ECG prepaid. He called me one day and said we should work together.

We both stopped our work and we started Obotan Comedy. It was not easy. For over one year there was no payment for what we were doing. We turned to beg people to survive during those times.

Some people will tell us we’re very foolish to quit our jobs to do this and now are coming to ask them for money but at the end of the day we made it. Don’t ever let anyone discourage you about what you really want to do” Fanta Blaq said.

Obotan Comedy is currently one of the leading comedy channels on Youtube with over 50k subscribers.


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