It Cost Us Almost A Million Cedis To Promote Camido’s “Sugar Cane” In A Year – George Britton

African music is on the rise and the demand for it, its talents and everything around it is a testament to this fact.

However, the global music business model requires a lot of investment to see the necessary returns. These investments could either be in structures including record labels or finances.

One code many in the music industry have sought to crack especially in the African market is how to break an artist or make a hit record. Well, there aren’t any clear-cut guidelines but it’s obvious one cannot succeed with financial backing.

Have you ever thought of how much it might cost you to run a successful promotion across some major markets in Africa? CEO of GB Recordz and manager for Ghanaian music star Camidoh, George Britton has revealed how much it cost them to have that global smash hit “Sugar Cane“.

In a post shared on Facebook, George revealed it cost him and his team a little over GHC 975,000 (almost $80,000) in a year on the song.

This amount included the two music videos for the original song and the remix shot and edited by two incredible Ghanaian directors JWillz and Rex respectively.

The said amount also covered intensive promotions on both radio and TV in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, the UK, and the US. George also revealed the team took into consideration online ad sponsors, engaging social media influencers and content creators in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, the UK, the US, Tanzania, etc and plugged the music in nightclubs and bars across Africa and the UK.

All these said and done, George believed to constantly achieve success and more in the African music space, the music industry will need a much stronger enabler, i.e., the presence of major record labels, heavy financial support from the government, and angel investors in the music industry to help propel the artists to a global stage.

Well, you may or may not have to spend exactly that much. Again, that investment does not necessarily guarantee a hit song like Sugar Cane.

Sugar Cane Remix featuring Mayorkun, King Promise & Darkoo currently sits at over 52 million views on YouTube.

Do you intend to venture into the music space? I bet you’ll pick a line or two from the above. Good luck!

source: nydjlive

Ray Charles Marfo

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