Most of the songs people call Afrobeat are Hiplife songs – Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone referred to as Hiplife Grandpapa, has maintained that most of the songs we hear today are still under his revolutionary Ghanaian music genre Hiplife.

Speaking with Tony Best on Akoma FM’s entertainment 360 on Saturday, February 12, 2023, the originator of Hiplife said that, even though in recent times Ghanaian rappers shy away from associating with the Hiplife brand, they still rap in Twi on local beats and that was and still the basic concept of Hiplife.

“I think current rappers do not associate with Hiplife because they think Afrobeat is the trending genre now, so they’re comfortable saying that is what they do.

“Do not get me wrong, we all like and enjoy Afrobeat. But I also agree with my friend Panji when he said there never would have been any Afrobeat today if not for Hiplife because I feel Afrobeat is us. That is because listening to Afrobeat very well, you could see traces of Hiplife and Highlife in there”, Reggie said.

The rapper mentioned that Nigerians go everywhere in the world trumpeting their love for Afrobeat, and the world seems to recognize them with that. So the best this generation can do is to also claim Hiplife and identify themselves with that because many artistes today are still doing what was started many years ago.

source: 3news

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