Razak Kuampa remanded by Asokwa High Court, set to reappear in court on Vals day – Details

His honor Fred Obikyere of the Asokwah High Court has placed the accused Razak Kuampa, a youth organizer for the Suame NDC constituency, in police prison.

The accused will return to court on Tuesday, February 14, 2023.

The NDC youth organizer was charged with provocative behavior and disturbing the peace under Section 207 of the Criminal Offense Act 29.

The accused’s lawyer, Evans Amankwaa, argued with the court to grant bail because the accused voluntarily surrendered to police in good faith.

The lawyer also stated that the police misinterpreted the content of the tape, and that the accused has men of substance, including the lawyer, who qualify to grant him bail.

Prosecutor ACP Kofi Blagodzi however claimed that the accused’s testimony is grievous and that the court should dismiss the lawyer’s plea.

The judge, his honor Fred Obikyere, stated in his judgement that while the accused was arrested voluntarily, his statement has major consequences for national security, and hence the accused should be remanded until next week Tuesday.

In an interview with the media following the verdict, the accused’s counselor expressed disappointment with the outcome and requested the Interior Minister to build more cells if this is how the government intends to restrict the freedom of expression of well-meaning Ghanaians, particularly the NDC.

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